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Tamil play Maya

Tamil Theater version 2.0 Released

Fremont, CA: Tamil theater enthusiasts in California and the entire country now have something exciting and refreshing to look forward to – an ensemble offering holistic full-length Tamil plays comparable, in excellence, to the most renowned of drama troupes back home. Dheepa Ramanujam established Krea in October 2003 in Fremont, California and her dream team, with the mission of bringing the richness of the Tamil theatrical heritage to the North American audience by delivering quality shows that provide entertainment and cultural connection to Tamil origins. Krea also seeks to serve as a platform to the local artistic talent to participate, entertain and be recognized, thus nurturing and enhancing this talent pool and strengthening the cultural bond.

There are numerous other organizations across the country, which promote Tamil and Tamil culture. And they have received tremendous patronage. These organizations operate with the broader scope to promote all aspects of Tamil arts and literature and thus find staging full-length productions a challenge. This is Krea’s niche – full-length dramas in Tamil.

It is not surprising considering the pool of creative talent and dedication the team has. Krea’s Founder and Director, Ramanujam has not only acted in televised plays and anchored television shows, but more recently has also staged greatly acclaimed full-length plays in the past two years. She has been supported in her major endeavors by Venu Subramaniam who now takes on the role of Executive Producer for Krea. Subramaniam, a Silicon Valley engineer, dedicates a minimum of 20 hours a week for this role. Naveen Kumar Nathan, Associate Producer and a proud father of a baby girl ably assists him in his responsibility. Asked about how he divides his attention between work, family and the play, Nathan smiles, “It is indeed very difficult to be away from my little angel for hours at stretch but Maya is now a baby in the family too. Krea is a family and Maya is our little one and we are seeing her grow and we are learning from her.”

Both Subramaniam and Nathan played roles in Thanimai, the team’s previous production before they organized as a troupe. “Thanimai provided the impetus to form a group dedicated to Tamil theatrical arts. It was our version 1.0 Krea is the 2.0. We see our genesis in Thanimai…” notes Rajiv Jayaraman, Assistant Director, who also played one of the lead roles in Thanimai. Jayaraman’s dream is to write and direct plays, and he takes baby steps with Maya.

The team also includes Sutha Sivasubramaniam, a familiar name to Tamil households in the Bay Area through Mostly Tamil, is the creative lead of the team.

Krea is actively looking for volunteers to help facilitate several aspects of delivering quality shows. Currently it is seeking help in the areas of production assistance, logistics, marketing/sales, public relations and web design for its upcoming project – MAYA (and you were wondering who Maya is).

Maya, written by Bombay Chanakya, staged by his group Kalamandir started with its inaugural performance in Chennai in January this year. Given the tremendous positive response, Kalamandir plans to stage shows through April.

Krea is staging two shows of Maya, at Cubberly Theater, Palo Alto, California on Sunday, March 21, 2004 at 2 pm and 5 pm.

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