June 4, 2004

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Published: 2004-04-06
Krea Creations presents 'Maya'
Archana Ravinder
Palo Alto, CA: If the success of a play is gauged by its powerful storyline, the crew or the sold out audience that it is playing to, then “Maya,” a recent theatrical production from the house of Krea Creations, a Bay Area Tamil theatre arts group would definitely be classified as a runaway hit.

Playing to a packed audience at the Cubberly Theatre in Palo Alto on March 21st, the story written by noted Tamil playwright Bombay Chanakya, was a beautiful depiction of the various insecurities and fears that constantly haunt our lives.

With stellar performances by a team of exceptional artists, Dheepa Ramanujam, the Director of the play who also plays the title role of Maya, a character whose life is marred by several failures and setbacks, the loss of her lover and a failed marriage to Dr. Surya Prakash, played by Rajan Varadarajan all of which has instilled a deep fear within her and a lackadaisical approach towards life. Also, central to the theme of the play are the characters played by Jeya Padmanabhan, who dons a scheming advocate’s hat in the role of Abhirami, Maya’s mother and their domestic help played by Naveen Kumar Nathan.

The story unfolds with Maya’s eventful trip to the US, which leaves her delusioned owing to the death of her lover Ravikumar played by Venu Subramaniam in the September 11 disaster and her subsequently falling in love with Dr. Surya Prakash, a practicing psychiatrist in whom she notices all the mannerisms of her ex-lover. Despite parental objections, the two go ahead and marry. The play also explores, though briefly a fight between logic and scientific reasoning supported by Dr. Prakash with mysticism and astrology, practiced by Rajaguru, the family astrologer.

The audience cheered the artists after every scene with a thunderous round of applause. Sandhya Muckai Girish, one of the audience member said, “The play had a strong story and was very professionally executed. Right from the set, the lighting, Krea Creations had paid attention to every little detail.”

All proceeds from the play went to Udavum Karangal, a social service organization founded in 1983 in Chennai to serve orphans and destitutes. N.A. Subramaniam, another audience member remarked, “The work done by Krea Creations is really credible, apart from such events bringing the Tamil community on a common platform, combining this with a noble cause, really adds a lot of value.”

At the end of the play, the artists received a standing ovation from the audience.

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