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Past Productions
Rabbit Hole and Let's Talk

Krea staged Let's Talk and Rabbit Hole on March 16th 2008 at Woodside Performing Arts Center, CA. This Double Bill was submitted for entry into Hindu Metro Plus theater festival, 2008 in Chennai, India
Both plays were directed by Krea's director Dheepa Ramanujam
Rabbit Hole
Written by David Lindsay-Abaire
On March 16th, 2008
At Woodside Performing Arts Center, CA
Winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
2006 Tony Nominee for Best Play®

David Lindsay-Abaire's Rabbit Hole, is teeming with wit, compassion and honesty. Rabbit Hole is a story of family, with beautifully developed relationships that allow us to recognize ourselves in the characters - mother, father, husband, wife, daughter, sister. Their bittersweet, rich and funny journey through grief is most of all a story of hope, reminding us of the power of the human spirit to heal and get back to the business of living. Don't miss this award-winning play by one of the "hottest," award-winning playwrights in the country.
Lindsay-Abaire's Broadway stage credits include such hits as Fuddy Meers and Kimberly Akimbo and music and lyrics for the musical Shrek. Screenplay credits include the award-winning animation movie Robots, adaptation of Inkheart, and Kimberly Akimbo for Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks SKG.
"A revelation... laced with wit... compassion and searing honesty. - Variety
"A beautifully observed new play" - NY Times
Let's Talk
Written by Ram Madhvani
World Premiere On March 16th, 2008
At Woodside Performing Arts Center, CA
Adapted from the movie - "Let's Talk"
Winner of many awards
Official entry for the 55th Locarno International Film Festival

Ram Madhvani is one of the leading ad film makers in India today. He has a rich theater experience before he moved to film making. Ram Madhvani directs for Equinox Films Private Limited, amongst the leading production houses in India, in which he is also a partner. With over a decade's experience in the profession, Ram has worked with every important advertising agency in the country to become one of the fraternity's most respected and sought-after filmmakers.
To add to the numerous national awards that he has garnered, Ram won a Bronze Lion at the 2000 Cannes Advertising Festival. His ad film for Adidas was path-breaking in many ways..
Let't talk was his debut film and introduced Boman Irani to filmdom.
"Lets Talk finest film of the year..." - Rafique Baghdadi
"Unimaginably novel! Shockingly Simple!" - Rajeev Masand

Seeds and Flowers
Seeds and Flowers was inaugurated in Bay area on April 28th 2007. The cast included Roopesh Varier, Vidhya Subramanian, Karthik Ramachandran, Dheepa Ramanujam, KC Chandratreya, Sukanya Sarkar, Kiran Kumar, Jag Setlur, Venkatesh Gopal, Prabakar Sundarajan and Tara Shankar. Nithya Warrier, Akshaya Ramanujam, Sridhar Sailappan, Swapna Vaidyanathan and TAR also appeared on stage.
Production team was led by Subashinee Krishnamurthy and the entire production team did an awesome job. Lighting was handled by Vasanthi Venkataraman and Music coordination was done by Suthaharan Sivasubramaniam.
Most of the Cast members traveled to India when Krea staged this play in Chennai at Music Academy, in Bangalore at ADA Rangamandira and in Mumbai at Ranga Sharda, Bandra in the month of July 2007.
Music was composed by GiriRaj. This play is written by TAR and was directed by Dheepa Ramanujam.
Seeds and Flowers is a powerful story about immigrants. It’s a story about Indian immigrants who have made it big and who have not. It’s a story about how women find identity for themselves in a new world and pursue their passion.
Seeds and Flowers is set in Bay Area and the theme comes to life through these powerful characters.
Raj and Priya – Raj, the breadwinner and Priya the homemaker struggle to decide between staying in the Bay Area and relocating to India. Raj has had 3 layoffs after moving to the US and is very skeptical about anything new. At least once a day they decide to move India only to decide against it a little later.
Jay and Charu – Jay, the successful senior-executive in a technology company and his wife Charu. Charu has money but wants Jay to spend more time with her. But Jay has a different idea, as he believes that he can always find time to spend with the family but what is more important right now is being successful.
Kari – the egomaniacal Founder / CEO of a technology company who believes that everybody has a purpose in life, - that is to help him become successful.
The story is set in motion when Kari decides to do a M&A as an ego-trip and drives Jay to close it, which impacts Raj who is now laid off for the 4th time.
Charu, separates from Jay, while Jay is getting ready to travel to close the M&A. Getting back to work Jay is unable to focus at work and eventually gets fired by Kari.
Priya and Charu rise above their challenges and join forces to find their passion.
The play ends with a thought for the viewers, when Jay says - What I thought as success and what you thought as failure, has brought us to the same place. So which one is right???
Please click here to watch a few scenes from the play. Visit our Blog to post your comments about the play.
If you are interested in taking this production to your city, please send an email to dheepa@kreacreations.com or info@kreacreations.com.

Kadavulin Kangal
Kadavulin Kangal was inaugurated in Bay area on April 30th 2006. The cast included Rajiv Jayaraman, Subashinee Krishnamurthy, Dheepa Ramanujam, Naveen Nathan, Shivkumar Jayaraman, Karthik Ramachandran, Nirmal Kumar, Mani Krishnan, Jay Ganesh, Geetha Muthukumar and Dilip Ratnam.
Adapted from Crimes and Misdemeanors by Woody Allen, this play presented the ethical dilemmas and the shocking decision the protagonist makes. The controversial end created quite a debate in USA as well as in India.
The play was staged in India in Summer. Krea collaborated with the local Tamil theater groups and did 4 shows on August 4th, 5th and 6th at Museum theater, Chennai and on Aug 8th at the prestigious Ranga Shanakara, Bangalore. The Indian cast included Sreevathson from Dummies drama, Subashinee Krishnamurthy and Dheepa Ramanujam from Krea, Moorthy and Ramesh from Gurukulam, TD Sundarajan and Shivaji Chaturvedi from Kathadi's Stage Creations and Vijay from Augusto's troupe.
Music was composed by GiriRaj. This play is TAR's debut script and was directed by Dheepa Ramanujam.

Kalakkara Chandru Pramadam
Famous Theater Personality TV Varadharajen's Kalakkara Chandru Pramadham written by Venkat was staged on Nov 19th at CET, San Jose and 20th at Sacramento. Local talents acted with TV Varadharajen in this house full, hilarious comedy play. The cast included Swaminathan, S.Suresh, Srinivasan Venkatachary, Mani Krishnan, Prabhakar Vaidya, Naveen Kumar Nathan, Shivkumar Jayaraman, Mani Ram, Roopa Parameswaran and Dheepa Ramanujam.
GiriRaj composed background score and also wrote the lyrics for the songs to go with the theme and sang them too. The music and songs were well received by the audience.

Sruti Bhedham - USA and India
Krea's Most Successful Production - Sruti Bhedham, a musical drama written by Anand Raghav,and directed by Dheepa Ramanujam was inaugurated on Feb 26th, 2005. After the 2 successful shows in Bay area, the team was invited to perform in India. In July Krea performed 5 successful shows and got rave reviews from the audience, theater veterans and press. The play was staged at Narada Gana Sabha, Krishna Gana Sabha, Mylapore fine arts club(for Karthik Fine arts) Hamsadwani and at Bharat Kalachar. Due to popular demand Sruti Bhedham was again staged in Bay area on Nov 19th at CET.
Sruti Bedham, with its share of a few melodious classical numbers, narrates the tumultuous relationship between an illustrious musician and his illegitimate daughter who takes to music driven by her hatred towards the father only to find herself overwhelmed by the divinity of his musical prowess.
In this musical drama Bay area fame, Asha Ramesh along with Paramesh Gopi sang for the lead actors with Shanthi Narayanan on Violin and Narayanan Natarajan on Mridangam.
GiriRaj composed background scores for this play.
Cast - USA: Rajiv Jayaraman, Dheepa Ramanujam, Vidhya Subramaniam, Naveen Kumar Nathan, Akshaya Ramanujam, Mani Krishnan, Karthik Ramachandran, Praveena Varadarajan, Geetha Muthukumar, Venu Subramaniam, Srivathson Narayanan, Balaji Natarajan, Meena Anand, Ramanujam, Sarathy, Kanaka Guruprasath, and Baby Malavika Sriram
Lighting - Vasanthi Venkataraman
Sound - Suthaharan Sivasubramaniam
Make up - Subashinee Krishnamurthy
Cast - India: Rajiv Jayaraman, Dheepa Ramanujam, Vidhya Subramaniam, Naveen Kumar Nathan, Akshaya Ramanujam, Karthik Ramachandran, Praveena Varadarajan, Geetha Muthukumar, Vasanthi Venkataraman, Ramanujam, Alex Babu, Shyam Radhakrishnan, Raghavan, Sumitha Alex, Srividhya Baskar, and Baby Malavika Sriram
Lighting - Vasanthi Venkataraman, Kalai Ravi
Sound - R. Giridharan
Make up - Kalaimamani R.Sundaramurthy

Maya was written by Bombay Chanakya and directed by Bay Area's eminent performer Dheepa Ramanujam. Staged in Cubberly Theatre, Palo Alto, CA on March 21, 2004, the proceeds from Maya benefited the children of Udavum Karangal.
Maya is a colorful portrayal of the effects of obsessive fears and insecurities in our lives. The strong storyline, combined with contrasting characters strikes a chord with the audience, as they relate themselves to the portrayal.
The lead roles are played by Dheepa and Varadarajan, accompanied by Jeya Ajit, Naveen Kumar Nathan, Prabhakar, Nirmal Kumar and Venu Subramaniam.

The suffering of elderly parents who are left behind by their sons seeking greener pastures abroad, forms the theme of Thanimai, written by Anand Raghav, and directed by Dheepa Ramanujam. Thanimai was a masterful portrayal of the life of a lonely and disheartened old man who discovers the way to live his life cheerfully.
The play, switching between settings of the sixties and the present, received very good response for the technical brilliance like extensive detailing on stage settings and lighting. Thanimai, spanning a period of forty years with a novel concept of two actors playing the same role, is a full-length show with depth, humor and entertainment.
Srikanth Srinivasa, Rajiv Jayaraman, Dheepa Ramanujam, Vinu Vathson, Kanaka Guruprasath, Swaminath, Ramanujam, Naveen Kumar Nathan, Venu Subramaniam, Karunanidhi, M. S Krishnan , Baby Keerthana and Girish Swaminath along with a few more children acted and this play was staged for Bay Area Tamil Manram in CET, San Jose, CA on May 11, 2003.

Baadam Alwa Pazhaya Soragirathu
This first full length play staged by Dheepa Ramanujam in the bay area for Bay Area Tamil Manram presents a shocking but painfully realistic scenario of a bandit rising up the ladder of political supremacy. The degeneration of Indian political scene with its implications on media and society is the subject of this political satire.
"Interestingly, Baadam Alwa Pazhaya Soragirathu was a prize winning play staged during the Madras Inter College competitions in 1982 and the fact that the theme is still relevant after two decades demonstrates the social significance of the slightly far-fetched story line," says writer, Anand Raghav

Oru Naal Kudimagan
This play was staged for Mostly Tamil's 100th day celebration. Also written by Anand Raghav, this thought-provoking skit was well received by the audience.

Annenna Pennenna
This play written by Mani Ram, another well-known actor and director in the bay area, was a delightful comedy skit staged for the Mostly Tamil Vaanampaadi function, held in October 2003.

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